2. Software setup

You need a running Raspbian distribution on your Raspberry Pi.
To achieve that you can follow this tutorial:

Now download the RC Plugs server here:

Extract the zip file and copy the extracted folder to your Raspberry Pi.
In this example we copy it to /home/pi, therefore the server path is /home/pi/rcPlugsServer/.
If you want to use another location, adjust the path in the following commands!

The commands are executed with admin-rights. If you are asked to enter a password: the default password of the Raspberry Pi is raspberry.

Now open a terminal session on the Raspberry Pi and type the following:

cd /home/pi/rcPlugsServer (change current directory to rcPlugsServer)
sudo chmod +x install (makes the install script executable)
sudo ./install (this actually runs the installation)

Now the server completely installs itself.
This may take up to half an hour, so please be patient!

When the server installation has finished, please make sure the Raspberry Pi has set the correct timezone. You can check the current local time with the command date.
If the time is incorrect, type sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata and set the correct timezone! Otherwise the timers will execute at the wrong time.

That's the software part. Let's see how we can run the server now!