Optional steps

Start server at boot

If you want to start the server at boot, type the following:
sudo nano /etc/rc.local
This opens a texteditor inside the terminal. Paste the command for starting the server in the second last line of the file, right above exit 0.

Now press CTRL+O and hit Return to save the file, then press CTRL+X to leave the texteditor. The RC Plugs server starts at boot now!

Configure global access

If you want to connect to the server over the internet, a few more steps are necessary:

  • You need a DynDNS URL, that links permanently to the current global ip address of your home network. So, register a DynDNS-Service at a provider of your choice!
  • Set up the DynDNS account info in your home router
  • Add a port forward in your router that links from global port to the IP-address of your Raspberry Pi and the local port on which the RC Plugs server runs.
    I recommend using 443 as local and global port.
  • Set your DynDNS-URL and the global port in the admin area of the webinterface. This is used for the app's automatic server detection.
  • Set the DynDNS-URL and the global port in the app's connection settings. They will be used automatically if you are not connected to a WiFi-network or the current WiFi-SSID does not match one of the SSIDs specified.

Run scripts in groups

You can attach two scripts to each group - one for 'on' and one for 'off'. Simply attach the script path to the group, for example /home/pi/scriptOn.sh.

Keep in mind that the scripts need the execute flag in order to work. You can achieve that with sudo chmod +x /home/pi/scriptOn.sh.

[App]: configure "automatic light"

The app provides a feature that checks whether you are near your home or not and automatically switches a specified group when you enter/leave the area.
You can enable the feature in the app's settings:

  • First make sure you have global access. Otherwise it won't work.
  • Longitude: The longitude of your address (e.g. 34.299316)
  • Latitude: The latitude of your address (e.g. 43.413029)
  • Radius [meter]: The radius around your home which defines the range and the border where to switch (300 is a good value!)
  • Select group: Here you can select the group to be switched.
  • Active hours: Set the timespan when this feature should do its work (e.g. only from 8pm to 8am: "only turn lights on when it is dark outside"). Set from 00:00 until 00:00 to disable the time restriction.