4. App configuration

Let's take a look at the Android app.

You can download it here:

Set up your server connection in the settings connection settings menu.

Required information:

  • Server IP (local): The local IP address of your Raspberry Pi
  • Port (local): The local port on which the server is running (e.g. 443)
  • WiFi-SSID: The SSID (name) of your wifi-network. This is used to decide whether to connect to the local IP address or the global DynDNS-URL. You can add multiple SSIDs, for example if you have a 2,4GHz and a 5GHz wifi network at home.
  • Username: The account username you want to connect with
  • Password: The account password

Optional information:

  • DynDNS-URL (global)
  • Port (global)
These are required if you want to connect to the server over the internet.
For more details take a look at the 'optional steps' page.

Once you have set all the required information and the server is running, the app automatically connects to the server each time it is opened!