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RC Plugs - Home Automation

Hi there!

On this website you can get all the information you need to set up your own RC Plugs Home Automation system.


  • Switch single outlets on/off. Up to 160 different outlets can be stored and controlled
  • Create and control groups of outlets
  • Add scripts that get executed on the server when groups get triggered (e.g. triggering music)
  • Set repeating timers to switch outlets/groups automatically at a specific time and weekday
  • Switching on geofences allows you to trigger specific groups e.g. let the lights go on when you come home and go out when you go leave
  • The server provides a web-interface to control RC Plugs, do user management, take a look at logfiles and update the RC Plugs server software from your browser. So you can use RC Plugs with your iOS devices too!
  • RC Plugs can be configured for global access via internet (you'll need a dynamic DNS and port forwarding on your router)
  • The RC Plugs app can scan its local (sub)network for available servers to automatically configure itself


RC Plugs is free to use and without any annoying ads.
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If you have any problems, questions or improvement proposals feel free to send me an email: moejetz@gmail.com
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